Top 25 Places To Visit and Things To Do In Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel is known primarily for its religious history. Thousands of tourists visit the locale on a yearly basis to acquire a personal experience that will support their faith.

Getting to Jerusalem

If you’re planning to travel to Jerusalem, you will arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport which is Israel’s main airport that is approximately 31 miles from Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Central Bus Station is a popular source that many travellers use to travel to Jerusalem from the Ben Gurion Airport.

However, if you prefer to travel by taxi or train, you can ride the Jerusalem Light Rail or reserve a Rechavia Taxi.

Panoramic view of Jerusalem, Israel

Panoramic view of Jerusalem, Israel

Getting Around Jerusalem

It is very convenient and affordable to get around Jerusalem. There are buses, taxis, car rentals and limited train service between major destinations. You can also get bikes around the city.

Where to Stay in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has several low cost hotels which are conveniently located near local area attractions. There are also various luxurious hotels to make your stay in Jerusalem more comfortable.

Jerusalem, Israel at night

Jerusalem, Israel at night

Attractions and Things to Do in Jerusalem

Approximately 18 tours are hosted in Jerusalem due to the high interest in its historical artefacts. There a several prime locations that are visited which are listed below.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre is known for two sites which were deemed to be two of the holiest place in Christianity. These are the Calvary or Golgotha, the place where Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified and also the empty tomb of Jesus.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

The Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel

The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel

The Mount of Olives or Mount Olivet is a place that holds significant history for different religion, especially for the Jews and Christianity. It is a mountain ridge east of Jerusalem. It is named for the olive groves that had covered the mountain slopes. The mount Olives is a location of several major sites for pilgrim.

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel

The Western Wall, Wailing Wall

The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

The Western Wall, Wailing Wall, is considered one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem. Jews come to the wall to pray. Visitors from all over the world also visit his holy site to pray also.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is very significant to both the Jews and Muslim alike. This site is one that has significant connotation of holiness to both religious sects. It is also very famous with visitors to Jerusalem.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock is a very popular Muslim shrine in Jerusalem.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel

Mount Zion

Mount Zion has been mention several times in the bible and Zion is symbolic to Jerusalem.

Tower of David

Tower of David is an ancient citadel which is very popular with visitors to the city. Tower of David is also known as Jerusalem Citadel.

Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel

Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel


Calvary is historic and well known as the place that Jesus Christ was crucified. This site is visited by visitors all over the world.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem commemorates the Jews who were victims of the Hocaust.

Israel Museum

Israel Museum is known as Israel National museum and is home to many artifacts, arts and sculpture. It was founded in 1965.

Tomb of the Virgin

Tomb of the Virgin Mary is thought by some Christian to be the burial place of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mount Herzl

Mount Herzl is a popular and is the site of Israel’s national cemetery and boasts a lot of history.

Bible Lands Museum

Bible Lands Museum is rich with culture of the historic people written in the bible.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo will fascinate you, with the different species of animals and birds that it has to offer.

The City of David

The City of David is a historic Israeli settlement and has great history for the Jews and its significance is very popular with visitors.

Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate is popular known in the bible and is one of the main entrances to the old city of Jerusalem.

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel


Gethsemane is known for the place where Jesus prayed to his heavenly father about the crucifixion while his disciple slept. It is also the place that he was betrayed by one of his disciple. Gethsemane is an olive garden. This is very significant to Christianity.

Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem, Israel

Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem, Israel

Pool of Bethesda

Pool of Bethesda is a well known from the bible and is pool of water in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem.

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity is rather significant in the Christian faith and is known to be built over the birth place of Jesus Christ.

David’s Tomb

David’s Tomb is said to be the burial place of King David who was King over Israel. In the bible he is known as “the man after God’s heart”.

David’s Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel

David’s Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel

Holyland Model of Jerusalem

Holyland Model of Jerusalem is a beautiful attraction and is visited by many tourists.

Festivals and Live Events

In addition to visiting these cultural centres, you can also attend live events such as the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival, the CAPTCHA: Exhibition at the Bloomfield Science Museum, the Nylon “White Night” at the Tower of David, and the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Entertainment and Recreation

The city also has several entertainment, game, and recreation sites. You can enjoy ATV rides, basketball games, hiking, horseback riding, rappelling, bowling or scavenger hunts. The Secret Room and the Jerusalem Puzzle Quest are also fun places to visit when you want to test your intellect. Your little ones can also have a fantastic time when you take them to see Music with Sharon.


Shopping malls are plenteous in Jerusalem and each day, visitors are invited to explore the retail stores located at the Mamilla Mall, the Malcha Mall, the Lev Talpoit Mall, the Hadar Mall, and the First Station.


Jerusalem has more than 400 restaurants which offer a variety of Israeli, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, French, and Italian entrees.

Jerusalem is an excellent place to visit anytime during the year. The city stays warm all year with its hottest months being in July and August. Jerusalem provides the ideal setting for historical scholars and other travellers who prefer the engagement of walking tours and cultural exchanges.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

If you’re visiting Jerusalem for the first time or you’re returning again, you will definitely acquire something that you can take home to share with others.

Jerusalem in Israel

Jerusalem in Israel


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