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Widest.com is free online magazine that provides the widest selection of experiences, adventures, ideas, guides, tips and stories featuring some of the best places to visit and the coolest and most innovative products on the planet.

Check out our travel blog! Travel the world or explore your own backyard and experience the most amazing cities, nature, architecture, people, culture and adventure destinations. Check out our amazing travel blog for some real travel inspiration.

We also love to write about innovative and sometimes unusual products that we have already bought, would love to buy or plan to buy. We search the internet wide and far for products with the wow factor!

On Widest.com you will find only cool, innovative, interesting and very odd products.

We like writing about things that people love and enjoy doing, places that people would love to visit, things that people would love to own, tasty food and experiences that people would love to have. We will throw in a few weird and humorous stories every now and then to spice things up.

Widest.com was founded by Kevin Jackson, a Chartered Certified Accountant, entrepreneur, branding consultant and travel enthusiast.

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If we see a product that has the cool factor to it, we will list it. We do not stock any of the products listed on Widest.com. We do not directly sell anything.

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