Top 20 Attractions And Things To Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia at night

Jakarta, Indonesia at night

Jakarta is the capital and largest city in Indonesia. It serves as Indonesia’s cultural center as well as a cultural and political center in Southeast Asia. Not only that, the city’s nightlight and entertainment options make it a fantastic travel destination if you are planning to make a visit to Southeast Asia.

Getting To Jakarta

Getting to Jakarta by plane is relatively easy. All international flights arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK), an airport just 12 miles northwest of the city center.

A free shuttle bus runs between the airport and downtown, but this is sometimes unreliable. It is usually easier to take a taxi from a reputable taxi service. You can pre-book your car rental and easily arrange to pick up your vehicle when you land at Jakarta airport.

Where To Stay In Jakarta

Low-end backpacker hostels can be found in Jalan Jaksa. Many high-end hotels can be found in South Jakarta, which is also the city’s most opulent entertainment and nightlight destination as well as the home of some of the city’s most wealthy residents. Mid-range hotels are spread throughout the city, and generally cost between $20/night and $50/night. High-end hotels tend to cost over $100/night.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

What To Eat In Jakarta

Notable native cuisine includes Kerak telor, an omelette served with sticky rice and dried shrimp topping and Sop iga sapi, a Dutch-style beef soup with exotic Indonesian spices.

Jakarta is well known for its small cafes offering a wide variety of international cuisines that cannot be found anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

Attractions And Things To Do In Jakarta

When you visit Jakarta you are sure to experience a portion of the shopping, cultural, and entertainment opportunities that this city has to offer.

Jakarta not only offers top-notch hotel, shopping, and entertainment venues but also a wide variety of temples, mosques, beaches, attractions and things to do.

Most of the top hotels are located in Central Jakarta. Here you can find Lapangan Merdeka, the world’s largest public square. Monumen Nasional, a well-known landmark in the city, is located within the square.

The nearby Istiqal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and a nearby gothic cathedral houses the National Museum of Indonesia.

National Monument in the centre of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

National Monument in the centre of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Here is our list of top 20 attractions in Jakarta, Indonesia:

  • Ancol Dreamland
  • National Museum of Indonesia
  • Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
  • Museum Bank Indonesia
  • Taman Suropati
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • Ragunan Zoo
  • National Gallery of Indonesia
  • Dunia Fantasi
  • Museum Bank Indonesia
  • KidZania Jakarta
  • Merdeka Square, Jakarta
  • Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics
  • Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
  • Maritime Museum
  • Bogor Botanical Gardens
  • Museum in the Middle of a Garden
  • Sacred Pancasila Monument
  • Satriamandala Museum
  • Selamat Datang Monument

Jakarta is so near the equator that the temperature is nearly the same year-round. As such, you should plan to wear light-weight clothes and hats for sun-protection during any season.

Ancol harbour, Jakarta, Indonesia

Ancol harbour, Jakarta, Indonesia


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