220V to 110V Step Down Voltage Converter and Travel Plug Adapter

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2000W Step Down Voltage Converter 220V to 110V and Universal Travel Plug...

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Get the ElecLead 2000W World Travel Adapter and Converter to Step Down the voltage from 220v to 110v and ensure safe operation of your electric appliances overseas. Most travel adapters do not convert the voltage. This one does! It comes with adapter mode for dual voltage appliance, Such as iPhone charger, iPad charger, Power supply of MacBook and Laptop etc.

It is an easy to use, all in one international travel plug adapters (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits power outlet in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries like most of Europe, Argentina, Ireland, Israel, Italy, UK, France, European, Australia, China, HongKong, etc.

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