Bestek Travel Adapter With Voltage Converter and 4 USB Ports

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[Patent Protected] BESTEK Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 6A...

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Last update was on: September 24, 2020 5:12 pm

The Bestek Power Converter is a patent protected Travel Adapter with 220V to 110V Voltage Converter and comes with 6A 4 USB Ports and UK/AU/US/EU Plug Adapter.

With the BESTEK Power Converter and travel adapter, your travel voltage worries are over. You can convert overseas voltage from 90-220V to 110-120V and powers up your US electronic device safely.

The Bestek Travel Adapter with Voltage Converter has a 2nd generation All-in-One Design. It boasts 3 AC outlets and 6A 4 USB charging ports charge 7 devices simultaneously. The 3 plug adapters and 1 EU plug cable cover the sockets all over the world.

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